Thursday, 21 November 2013

Don't Use Disavow Links Tools Without Serious Link Removal Efforts

We all know that disavow links tool is the best way to instruct Google to remove bad links from profile to make it clean one. Google just introduced this tool to take care of negative SEO. Web owners or SEOs start treating it as magic and just make one file, upload it and you will be out of bad links penalty. But it all gone Wrong. Google want to use this tool for the links which you are unable to remove after hard efforts. Eric Kuan Said
The disavow tool should be used primarily if you have done everything you can to remove an inorganic link and still cannot get the link removed. If you are primarily disavowing links and not trying to remove them, your reconsideration request may not be successful.
Eric make it clear that this is tool is effective only if you have bad backlink removal efforts. Google want to relies the site owners or SEO who had done bad linking to do hard work for removal or it is a punishment to do so. One punishment is over you can file reconsideration or disavow file