Thursday, 21 November 2013

Don't Use Disavow Links Tools Without Serious Link Removal Efforts

We all know that disavow links tool is the best way to instruct Google to remove bad links from profile to make it clean one. Google just introduced this tool to take care of negative SEO. Web owners or SEOs start treating it as magic and just make one file, upload it and you will be out of bad links penalty. But it all gone Wrong. Google want to use this tool for the links which you are unable to remove after hard efforts. Eric Kuan Said
The disavow tool should be used primarily if you have done everything you can to remove an inorganic link and still cannot get the link removed. If you are primarily disavowing links and not trying to remove them, your reconsideration request may not be successful.
Eric make it clear that this is tool is effective only if you have bad backlink removal efforts. Google want to relies the site owners or SEO who had done bad linking to do hard work for removal or it is a punishment to do so. One punishment is over you can file reconsideration or disavow file

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Matt Cutts on Link Removals in SMX Advanced:

Google software engineer Matt Cutts attended SMX Advanced in 2013 held in Seattle: June 11-12, 2013. Search Engine Land’s editor, Danny Sullivan, had lengthy chat with Matt Cutts. Few question were discussed about bad links removal which we are discussing here.

Danny Sullivan: Links are a problem. Now we're getting link removal requests, which we (SEL) won't do. Why doesn't Google just disavow all the bad links (big applause).

Matt Cutts: This should be seen as a temporary market correction. Everyone's getting the message. You have to go after good links now. We're moving to a healthier world in search, spamming getting harder and harder.

Matt Cutts: People are now much less likely to want to pay for links. We've seen many sites go higher after they cleaned up and went white hat. They're finding it's more sustainable.

Audience alsow raised few questions

Question: Disavow links right away if I get a WMT message?
Matt Cutts: It's fair to your competitors that you do some clean up work before you disavow. Also just disavowing leaves a bunch of spammy links on the web. We want some help in cleaning up the web.

They are looking at ways to give more backlinks to webmasters, but that's still a ways off. they're concern is about black hat ways to abuse such a list.

Matt Cutts also confirmed that 

We've seen many sites go higher after they cleaned up and went white hat

It clearly indicates that unnatural link removal and filing of disavow files in Google Webmaster Tools is working well

Saturday, 18 May 2013

Why We Launched Link Removals Blog

Today we decided to launch a new blog on bad link pruning services. The blog is concerned about removal of

  • Bad Links
  • Spammy Links
  • Low Quality Links
  • Unnatural Links
  • Inorganic Links
  • Reciprocal Links
  • Dubious backlinks
  • Dubious backlinks
Link removal industry has just born and there will more specific blogs. Blog deals with delete bad links, linkremoval, linkdelete, removebadlinks, deletebacklink, Penguin Recovery Services and Link auditing.

The whole process is also know as link un-building. Creation of bad links is bad. Acquiring of paid links is crime in eyes of Google Engineers. Building of low quality links can harm your website ranking in search results. Beware of creation of Inorganic Links. Never try to be a part of Reciprocal Links Exchange. Say NO to spammy links. #LRSCOM is solution for bad back links & Google penalty removal

If you get in touch of above habits your link profile will be sick and you will need immediately link removal service company  OR Link Removal Specialists to help you.

Our Blog  need to be associated with

  • Link Auditors
  • Link Analyst
  • Link Removal Specialist
  • SEO
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